Tarantino’s is the premier fully licensed Italian restaurant in Skegness, offering an exquisite menu of specially cooked Italian dishes. Please take a while to browse through our menu of wonderfully cooked meals below. At Tarantino’s we have a real passion for cooking delightful Italian meals full of flavour. To ensure that we can have your table ready please book as soon as possible. We have an extensive wine list. Delicious desserts and liqueur coffees round off the meal to remember.

We have a wide choice of freshly prepared Italian dishes. Choose from Pizza, Pasta, Veal, Chicken, Steak, Prawns, and delicious Italian Ice-cream dishes. We also have a collection of beers and fine wines. The staff are pleased to recommend and explain the dishes if you are not sure about anything. The prices are reasonable and the food cooked to perfection.

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Antipasti (Starters)

Soup of the Day  £4.50

Traditional home-made vegetable soup

Coppa Ionica  £5.90

Prawns served on a bed of lettuce topped with dressing

Costatine di Maiale  £6.00

Spare Ribs marinated and served in our own special barbeque sauce

(v) Funghi Campagnola  £5.90

Mushrooms cooked in a tomato and garlic sauce topped with cheese

Gamberoni Marina  £7.50

King prawns cooked in tomato, garlic and brandy, served with salad

Funghi Napoletana  £6.50

Mushrooms and bacon with Worcestershire Sauce  served warm on a bed of lettuce

(V) Mozzarella Caprese  £5.90

Mozzarella cheese served on sliced tomatoes with an olive oil and herb dressing

Chicken Liver Pate  £5.50

Served with toast and salad garnish

Insalata di Mare – Seafood Salad  £7.50

Tasty mixture of seafood marinated with prawns and sauce on a bed of lettuce

Salmone Affumicato Con Gamberetti  £7.50

Smoked Scottish Salmon served with prawns & Tarantino’s sauce on a bed of lettuce.

Antipasto Italiano  £7.50

Prosciutto salami, cheese & olives served over lettuce

King Prawns Tarantino  £7.50

Cooked in garlic & white wine, spring onions & cream served with salad

Stuffed Pepper  £6.50

With mincemeat, rice, mozzarella, parmesan, tomato and white wine sauce

Cozze Al Vino Bianco  £6.50

Mussels served with garlic, white wine, parsley and 2 small slices of bread

Cozze Al Pomodoro  £6.50

Mussels, garlic, white wine, tomato and 2 small slices of bread

Garlic Bread (11″)

Garlic Bread – plain  £3.50

Garlic, Tomato & Cheese  £5.50

Garlic, Tomato & Pesto Sauce  £5.00

Garlic, Tomato & Chilli  £4.50

Garlic & Tomato  £4.50

Garlic & Cheese  £5.50

Black Olives (portion)  £3.00

Bruschetta  £3.50

Two slices of toasted bread, topped with cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil & parsley

La Pizza (11″)

All pizzas come with a tomato and cheese base.

Extra toppings available 50p.

Campania  £7.90

Ham and Mushroom

Quattro Formaggi  £7.90

Mixed Cheese

(V) Funghi  £7.40

Mozzarella, tomato & mushrooms

Calabrese  £7.90

Pepperoni & Mushrooms

(V) Siciliana  £7.90

Mushrooms, peppers, olives & Onions

Marinara  £8.50

Mixed Seafood

Prosciutto  £7.40

Mozzarella, tomato & ham

Hawaiian  £7.90

Ham & Pineapple

Tonnara  £8.50

Mozzarella, tomato, tuna & prawns

(V) Margherita  £6.90

Tomato & Cheese

Pollo & Funghi  £7.90

Chicken & Mushrooms

Italia Special  £8.50

A little bit of everything, with lots of love from the chef!

Bolognese  £7.90

Mince beef cooked in tomatoes topped with mozzarella

Mexican  £7.90

Salami, hot peppers & red onions

Meat Feast  £8.50

Mozzarella, tomato, ham, chicken and salami

La Pasta

Spaghetti Bolognese  £7.90

Lean minced beef, red wine and tomato

Penne Contadina  £8.30

Broccoli, garlic, bacon, chilli and cream sauce

Penne Romana  £8.30

Peppers, onions, mushrooms, chicken, chilli, cream and white wine sauce

(V) Penne Siciliana  £8.30

Mushrooms, olives, onions, peppers in tomato sauce

Penne Calabrese  £8.30

Spicy sausage, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes and cream

Spaghetti Matriciana  £8.30

Bacon, Onions, chilli, cream and tomato sauce

Tortellini Emiliani  £8.30

Tortellini pasta filled with meat served with mushrooms and ham in a cream sauce

Tortellini Primavera  £8.30

Tortellini pasta filled with meat, cooked in mushrooms, onions, peppers & tomato sauce

Penne Pollo  £8.30

Peppers, onions, mushrooms chicken cooked in a tomato sauce

(V) Rigatoni Venezia  £8.30

Mushrooms, onions, peppers, broccoli, cooked in a tomato sauce

Tagliatelle Carbonara  £8.30

Bacon, egg, parmesan cheese & cream sauce

Tagliatelle Alla Vincenzo  £9.50

Asparagus, prawns, mushrooms & white wine & cream sauce

Rigatoni Dello Zio  £9.50

Bacon, chicken, garlic, white wine, tomato & cream sauce

Rigatoni Arrabiata  £7.20

Tomato, chilli, garlic & white wine

Tagliatelle Gorgonzola  £8.50

Gorgonzola cheese, mushrooms & cream sauce

Pasta al Forno

Lasagne – Chef’s Special  £7.90

Cannelloni  £7.90

Pasta filled with cheese, minced meat and chicken, topped with besciamella & tomato sauce

Pasta al Forno  £7.90

Pasta baked with minced meat, ham, mushrooms, garlic, tomato sauce and cheese

Italian mixed salad (Large)  £3.50

Chips  £2.50

Tomato & Onion Salad  £2.90

La Pasta Al Pesce (Seafood)

Spaghetti Marinara  £9.50

A selection of mixed seafood served in a tomato, wine and garlic sauce

Tagliatelle Mare e Monti  £9.50

Garlic, mushrooms, king prawns, cream & tomato sauce

Tagliatelle San Remo  £9.50

Salmon cooked with spring onions, prawns, garlic, served with a tomato, cream & white wine sauce

Penne Al Tonno  £8.50

Tuna, onions, garlic, tomato & white wine

Tagliatelle Sorrento  £9.50

King Prawns, pesto, garlic, white wine & cream sauce

Spaghetti Nettuno  £9.50

King prawns, garlic, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes & a white wine sauce


Pesce (Seafood)

Gamberoni Marinara  £14.90

King prawns cooked in garlic butter, tomatoes & white wine sauce

Gamberoni Pescadore  £14.90

King prawns cooked in garlic, white wine and chilli sauce

Gamberoni Genevese  £14.90

King prawns cooked in garlic butter, touch of cream, brandy and pesto sauce

Salmone Filletto  £14.50

Grilled salmon fillet cooked with lemon, white wine, garlic butter and parsley

Zuppa Mediterranea  £14.90

A mixture of fresh seafood cooked in a delicious tomato, garlic and white wine sauce

Gamberoni Amalfi  £14.90

King prawns cooked in garlic, with white wine, spring onions and cream sauce

Vitello (Veal)

Vitello Milanese  £14.90

Delicately sliced veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried

Vitello Marsala  £14.90

Veal served in our own special marsala sauce

Vitello Pizziola  £14.90

Veal cooked with tomatoes, olives, anchovies and capers

Vitello Gorgonzola  £14.90

Veal with mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese, white wine & cream sauce

Pollo (Chicken)

Pollo Italia  £13.00

Chicken breasts cooked with prawns, mushrooms, white wine cream & asparagus

Pollo Valdostana  £13.00

Chicken breasts with ham and cheese, baked in a white wine and cream sauce

Pollo Cremona  £13.00

Chicken breasts cooked in a cream sauce with mushrooms, onion and white wine

Pollo Vesuvio  £13.00

Chicken breasts cooked with onion, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, wine and cream with a dash of tabasco and topped with cheese

Pollo Florentina  £13.00

Chicken breast cooked with garlic, red wine, tomatoes, olives and capers

Pollo Toscana  £13.00

Chicken breast cooked with peppers, mushrooms, olives, bay leaf and red wine in a tomato sauce

Pollo Gorgonzola  £13.00

Chicken breast, mushrooms, gorgonzola & cream sauce

Pollo Contadina  £13.00

Chicken breast with broccoli, garlic, bacon, chilli, white wine & cream sauce

Pollo Calabrese  £13.00

Chicken breast with spicy pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, tomato & cream sauce

Pollo Romana  £13.00

Chicken breast, peppers, onions, mushrooms, chilli, white wine & cream sauce

Carne (Steak)

Sirloin (10oz)  £16.00

Fillet (10oz)  £20.00

Sauces to accompany the steaks  £3.00

Diane – The chef’s own secret recipe

Peperrancini – Garlic, mushrooms, peppers, chilli, tomato & brandy

Alla Crema – Onions, mushrooms, white wine and cream sauce

Al Pepe – Mushrooms, black peppercorns, brandy & cream

Gorgonzola – Cream, mushrooms, brandy & gorgonzola cheese

Tarantino – 3 king prawns, onions, white wine & cream sauce

V = Vegetarian


After Dinner Liqueur

Tia Maria  £3.00

Grand Marnier  £3.00

Italian Brandy  £3.00

Bailey’s £3.00

Drambuie £3.00

Benedictine £3.00

Cointreau £3.00

Italian After Dinner Drinks

Amaretto  £3.00

Sambuca  £3.00

Limoncello  £3.00

Grappa £3.00

Liquore Strega £3.00


Campari  £2.80

Martini Rosso  £2.80

Martini Dry  £2.80

Martini Bianco £2.80

Sherry £2.80

Port  £2.80

Pernod £2.80

Pimms £2.80


Jack Daniel’s  Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Brandy   Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Bacardi  Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Whiskey  Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Gin  Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Southern Comfort  Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Rum   Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Jim Beam  Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Vodka  Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50

Malibu   Shot £3.00 Mixed Drink £3.50


Italian Birra Peroni Red 4.7% alc. £3.20

Italian Lager Nastro 5.1 % alc £3.20

Moretti Lager 4.6 % alc £3.20

Shandy £2.70

WKD £3.20

Cider £3.20

House Wine

House White

 175ml £3.20 250ml £3.80

House Red

 175ml £3.20 250ml £3.80

House Rose

 175ml £3.80 250ml £4.30

Soft Drinks

Coke  £1.70

Diet Coke  £1.70

Lemonade  £1.70

Orange Juice

 Large Glass £2.20 Pint £2.70

Mineral Water £2.50

Tonic Water £2.50

Bitter Lemon  £2.50

Slim Line Tonic  £2.50

Ginger Ale  £2.50

J2O  £2.50

Pineapple Juice  £2.50

Appletiser  £2.50

Wine Menu

White Wines

Orvieto Amabile DOC Classico Vallesanta  £14.90

Produced in the classic traditional area of Orvieto, brilliant straw yellow with a fruity and refined bouquet.

The palate is medium sweet and gently rounded,

Poesie Chardonnay IGT  £15.50

Made from grapes specially selected from the hills in the Veneto region.Featuring a straw yellow colour thus wine has an intense aroma with a dry flavour

Featuring a straw yellow colour thus wine has an intense aroma with a dry flavour.

Sauvignon Lison Pramaggiore DOC Tenute Sant’Anna £16.50

A pleasant, delicate fragrance hinting at wildflowers and ripe melon. Dry full and well flavoured with undertones

of green hazelnuts, generous body and lengthy.

Frascati DOC Retina M Catone £17.00

Intense straw yellow in colour, this elegant wine has delicate fruity aromas and a fresh and fruity mouth feel.

Pinot Grigio Friuli Grave DOC Borgo Magredo £17.90

Intense aromas of orchard apples and ripe pears followed by an elegant and harmonious full and fruity pallet with a well-balanced body and pleasent acidity.

Lugana DOP Cà Maiol £19.50

This superb white wine has a characteristic straw colour with light green

highlights, delicate bouquet of fresh fruit and almonds.

Red Wines

Nero D’Avola Terre Siciliane Le Collezioni  £16.00

The wine displays elegant hints of berries, spices and liquorice on the nose and full-bodied, buttery and velvety finish on the palate.

Shiraz Lazio IGT “Colletara” £17.00

Brilliant ruby red with spicy aromas and subtle hints of leather and ripe wild berries. The palate is soft and fruity with a pleasing, rounded finish.

Primitivo Salento IGT “Don Cosimo” £19.00

A truly exquisite masterpiece, this elegant and full-bodied red wine, produced by one of the finest and oldest indigenous grape varieties to this region boasts, a rich berry and a spicy bouquet.

Valpolicella Classico DOC Villa Borghetti £19.00

Only the finest selected grapes are used to produce this versatile “all rounder”. Soft and supple with vanilla edged dark fruit aromas and deep raisin flavours.

Chianti Classico Rocca Delle Macie DOCG £19.50

Vibrant ruby red in colour with a fruity nose producing hints of light spiciness. On the palate, this wine is savoury and full-bodied.

Merlot Friuli Grave DOC Antonutti £20.00

Ruby red in colour with deep purple highlights. Elegant aromas with delicate fruity note, rich with spice. A well balanced wine with a vivacious personality.

Rose Wines

Kissing Tree  Zinfandel Rose  £15.00

A luscious medium sweet Zinfandel Rosé with grapes from sunny California bursting with ripe aromas of wild strawberries and exotic fruits.

Pinot Grigio Rose IGT Mater Anna £15.00

Soft rose pink in colour with an aromatic nose of freshly crushed cranberries and a hint of apricot.

Sparkling Rose

Cuvee Heritage Spumante Brut Rose  £18.00

This wonderful full bodied sparkling rose has a delicate and aromatic nose while the palate is fresh, lively and has a long finish.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Asti Spumante £17.90

Light straw in colour, deliciously fruity with a lively sparkle.

Prosecco Treviso DOC Extra dry “Miol” £18.90

With a fine and persistent mousse, this Prosecco boasts a fresh and fruity bouquet along with a soft, well-balanced and velvety taste.

Veuve Lorinet Brut NV Champagne £35.00

A remarkable fine mousse that rises against a background of intense gold with a delicate freshness on the palate.

Moet et Chandon Brut £45.00

One of the most popular Champagnes with aromas of honey and vine blossom